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SUNROCKS - Exotic - 60% THC (Limited Stock)

Sunrocks are cannabis buds containing high levels of THC that are dipped into concentrate and then coated with THCA powder. They are known for their extremely high potency and stronger aroma than regular cannabis.

How to Use:

Sunrock users typically use a glass pipe or bong for the best smoking experience. You can prepare to smoke sunrocks in three easy steps:

Step 1 : Break down the nugs into small, workable pieces. Wear gloves if you want to avoid sticky hands.

Step 2: Mix and layer the sunrocks together in a bowl, but avoid using a grinder that can create a mess due to sunrocks’ texture. Even without grinding, your fingers will likely become sticky from the resinous sunrock material.

Step 3 :When you’re ready to smoke, use a hemp wick instead of a butane lighter to enhance your flavor experience.

Be prepared for heightened sensations that begin swiftly and last longer than your average smoke session

SUNROCKS - Exotic - 60% THC (Limited Stock)

PriceFrom $70.00

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